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ALL ABOUT AIR - A large group assembly program
Pre K - 6th 1 - 1 1/2 hours Up to 500 participants $500.00
An interactive demonstration of the properties of air using balls, balloons, bags, and even a hair dryer! Participants will learn that air takes up space, has weight, and exerts pressure. Includes a discussion of Bernoulli’s Principle and Pascal’s law and many amazing flying objects. A fun lecture / demonstration that invites participant to join in.

*Special Note: Our regular programs, Dinosaurs, Bats and Rainforest can be adapted for a large group. Interactive demonstrations and a slide show accompany an informative and fun lecture. Note: There is no hands-on activity and a screen is needed for slide show.


In the Mind’s Eye - Perception
A Museum On Wheels Program
3rd - 12th
and or
Only available at your
Visit Your Site: (3 hrs) $750
Science Fair Nights
Special Events
Tabletop exhibits for indoor spaces. Exhibits include activities to test for color blindness, field of vision, visual acuity and some fun optical illusions.All activities include instruction and scientific explanations for self directed participation. Participants can explore all activities at their own pace. A Long Island Science Center staff is in attendance to answer questions and guide the visitors through the exhibit. Hands-on models and fun equipment make this program an enjoyable experience.


Teacher and Superintendent’s Day Workshops
Pre K-6th
1 - 15 hours
10 - 30 participants
Instructive and interactive
We can provide interesting and invigorating courses tailored to your needs. Curriculum topics include: General Science, Animals in your Classroom, Hands-on Excitement, Earth Science Activities, Science and Literature, or topic of your choice. Each presentation includes hands-on activities, science materials and handouts. Call for pricing.